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Youth Prep Stars Recruiting Magazine has added a new staff member to write and scout for us.  Jesse Fleming of Hinesville will lead our Southeast Georgia Region which includes the counties of Chatham, Liberty, Wayne, Glynn and Bullock.  Fleming is a graduate of Bradwell Institute Class of 1988.  He played at Lake City Community College in 1988-90 and inn 1990-1992, he played at Columbus State College.  Fleming has been involved with boy's basketball for 17 years.  In addition to Fleming's experience, my relationships built with several high school coaches continues to make Youth Prep Star Recruiting Magazine more valuable to you. 

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By Jessie Fleming


To many people this would be called an up-set; Beach High School has lost 3 games all season 3 times to home Rival Savannah High in overtime, and Glynn Academy twice.


James “Boone” Fields, a sophomore sensation is very calm under pressure, nothing changes his facial expressions whether he’s scoring, playing aggressive D or winning the game. James led all scorers with 16pts. Ladaris Green played an excellent game against JJ Hickson who had 15pts. Ladaris had 15pts10 reb7blks. Wheelers guards combined for 24 points and JT fouled out with 3 pts!  Beach High plays Norcross in the AAAAA GHSA state championships! Congratulations take it to the house!



By Jessie Fleming


Liberty County High has guards that can really beat their man to sleep! With that Quick stop and pop! Triple threat jab, quick pull from “DEEP” and at all times a team must have 3 Defensive players on the floor. Liberty County High has not lost to an AAA school all season, Liberty County High Defeats #9 Shaw 88-74. Coaches please come and see this Air Assault! Anthony Miller led all scorers with 40 pts Liberty County High goes on to play AAA powerhouse #2Dunwoody.

Barry Drummond-JR 6’0 175 ( Liberty County High ) can Light it up! He averages 18pts 5rebs 3stls! Some how this Kid was left off the Class of 2007 listings in the Southeast Georgia Report! Germaine Sparkes 6’5 G.P.A 3.6, ACT 24, and seasonal stats (12.5pts 6.5assts, 6.5rebs, 6stls) real coach-able, takes care of the ball good and distributes the ball fairly around his team and a serious Defender. And then there is Anthony Miller 6’0 155lbs with 42.3-foot speed, has the green light (never seen a bad shot Anthony) to let it fly! He’s a good ball handler and shooter.  Defense must be present! The kid knows how to get to the basket! Sleeper, Big Man Ivan Walthour 6’10 250lbs is making

His presence felt on the road to the Final Four.  Taking on the #2 team in AAA it’s going to be a good one!  3rd ID!

As they have done all year, Savannah High and Beach High had displayed the same Rival game, as if they were still at home. Savannah High going into the game knowing that their opponent is not going to lay down, have beaten Beach 3 times already this season (3 overtime wins, with a 20point comeback win). Their lost came in the Sea-Port City Classic “Christmas Tournament” earlier and Beach won by 20.  Now how many times can you keep someone at your mercy in a game like Basketball? Cause anyone can win on any giving day! Going into the game as the underdog, Beach High knew that they could play with Savannah if they kept the game close. Savannah High was leading by 4points when Big Man 6’10 Ladaris Green went down with an injury, that would later be ruled a cramp in his hamstring. The Crowd went into suspense as they carried the Big Man to the training room. That seemed like that would be it for Beach High, but they just played until the game was over. Down by 2points in the closing seconds of the game, Beach applied their last bit of Defensive Pressure and created a turnover, which resulted in Baxter scoring and taking the game into over time.

Beach High (67) would go on to beat Savannah High (65) in overtime with the heart of kids who just didn’t give up and a Coach who believes! Beach High plays #1 Wheeler in the Final Four (they have not lost a game in the state of Georgia in 2 years) Brian Mitchell led all scorers with 26points.



By Jessie Fleming



This is nothing new to the Liberty County High Panthers who have been here before (2002, 2003 Final Four) and now it’s 2006 and they’re back!

Friday Night was the site for some good 3AAA basketball in Albany, Georgia. Liberty County High, the most underrated team in 3AAA has been closing out their opponents like True Champions all year. #6 Liberty County (65) beat Westover (59).

Barry Drummond led all scorers with 25points, Anthony Miller 15pts, Germaine Sparkes 12assist.

Liberty County will play # 9 Shaw tomorrow at 8:30p.m (AlbanyCivic Center). Still on the road to the Final Four!

McIntosh Academy loses to Seminole County 44-58.

Calvary Day (71) beats Turner County (69).  Cameron Padget’s Free throws keeps Calvary ’s hopes alive! Demarcus Dobbs led all scorers with 22points, Cameron Padgett 17points. Calvary advances to play Randolph Clay.



By Jessie Fleming

Brian “Casey” Mitchell (All-So Prolific)! As an opponent, never hearing of this kid and probably never even caring about this Kid, when it’s all said and done you’ll remember him! As all year, Casey put on one of his 25 point, 10 rebound, 4 steal performances as Savannah High beat Houston County 64-55. Strong play was also provided by Savannah High’s big men (Seth Hallett 6’10, 225lbs. and Big Rashad Armstrong 6’9, 260lbs.)  Seth and Rashad have improved a lot over the summer. D-1 prospects!   Savannah will go on to meet the winner of the Beach High and Tri-Cities in the Elite 8.  Brian Mitchell led all scorers with 25points and 10rebs.  Congratulations!  

 It’s “Not So Easy”!

That’s what the man in the middle for Beach High is telling opponents, with his strong defensive performances in the state playoffs! How can you finish a play after being harassed down court by defenders who don’t quit harassing? Then there is this lanky 6’10, 7’2 wingspan, 215lb bouncing on his toes Shot Blocking Giant who blocks off all entrances to the goal! Ladaris has been protecting his team’s goal all season. Who Blocks 15 shots, pulls down 15 rebounds on a regular with 2 fouls the whole game? That’s a man who knows what he is doing (Ladaris Green). With the help of Greg Thomas 5’10 guard is Beach high’s (Down for Whatever Kid) and spectacular play by the Sophomore Sensation James “Boone” Fields. Every good team has a good Coach, good point guard, a good big man and good team concepts. And Beach high has those qualities! As James controlled the game, his Big Man controls every thing else. The more I kept hearing about Tri-Cities play and toughness; I just knew that there was going to be a dogfight. But sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. The game started off like your regular high school game, until Beach started playing their AGGRESSIVE style of DEFENSE! And on the offensive end, Sophomore Sensation James Fields took over like any true floor general would do! Still Growing! That’s Scary!  Beach beat Tri-Cities 61-43. When all 10 members of the Beach High

Bulldogs are clicking; they are very hard to beat. If there is a GAME DOG out there, tell them to find BEACH HIGH and lets see how GAMED they really are! Keep in mind Beach has been playing with out 6’5, 215lb JR wing Markeith Cummings. Sleeper! Beach plays Savannah High in the Elite 8. James Fields led all scorers with 16points and 8assists.  Ladaris Green had 10points, 15rebs, and 15 blocks Congratulations!                                                                                                                                                          

For the Fifth time this season BEACH and SAVANNAH High carry this one on the


 SAVANNAH HIGH’S up in the series 3-1 can they make it 4-1on Saturday!

This season 2005-2006, I got a chance to watch a lot of good basketball in the Coastal Empire like 3-AAA- Champs Liberty County High, 3-AAAAA- Champs Johnson High 10-20 0verall (Team full of Sophomores, who almost had a Cinderella story! It’s Always a pleasure to watch Savannah High’s Big time collegiate look, from the coaches down to the Players and of course the Elite Performance by Brian “Casey” Mitchell every night. Then you have the Beach High Bulldogs, a UNIT of kids who just flat out play hard. And Kids like Ladaris 6’10 “the protector” Green! I watched him block 19 shots against Northeast Macon (very exciting). Every time as a fan and lover of the sport I expect every basketball game to have some excitement! But now you’re talking about cross-town Rivals! This game is the BIGGEST HIGH SCHOOL basketball Rival in Southeast Georgia .The Savannah Civic Center is the site for this Main Event (Estimate Packed).  Now that the rivalry has gained so much attention, Savannah State ’s “Tiger Arena” is starting to sell tickets and fill seats!  These two teams play each other twice at neutral Sites every year. Now the only way they meet up again is if they meet in a tournament. There are 2 tournaments in Savannah every year (Christmas and Joe Green Classic) that Beach and Savannah High participate in. This year’s battle Savannah High has proven to be the “Victor” on Neutral Grounds in the city. Both teams beat ranked teams in the race to the Elite Eight, and now they have to play each other again for the 5th time. SOME ONE HAS GOT TO GO HOME!

                                        SOUTHEAST GEORGIA REPORT

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By Jessie Fleming

5 Teams from Southeast Georgia still on the road to the final 4!

Savannah High's Brian Mitchell and Sophomore Guard Kevin “Boxer” Williams combine for 65pts to defeat Fayette County 93-88. Savannah high advances to the second round to play Houston County . Kevin Williams led all scorers 33, Mitchell 32.


Fields Led the Bulldogs to victory. Savannah survives 

in overtime.  Johnson goes down to Mundy's Mill.  

Liberty County rolls on.       





            Sophomore 6-1 James Field

                       Beach High


Beach high beats Starr's Mill 52-46. Beach advances to the second round to play Tri-Citi. James Fields led all scorers with 14pts.

Liberty County high beat Northeast Macon 67-57.Liberty advances to play Westover in the second round. Anthony Miller led all scorers with 18pts, Barry Drummond 17pts.

McIntosh Academy defeats Johnson County 60-52. Phillip Moultrie led all scorers with 19pts. McIntosh moves on to the next round to play Seminole County .

Calvary Day defeats Wilcox County 74-73. Cameron Padgett had 22pts and teammate Alex Mormon 21pts. Jay Ford led all scorers with 23pts. Calvary Day advances to play Turner County .



By Jessie Fleming

8th Seed wins Region 3 5A.Like they always said! Anyone can win on any given day! And that is what happened Saturday night at Tiger Arena. Johnson High Schools Sophomore sensations Toby Veal and teammate Benjamin Evelyn and crew were just a little-bit to feisty for savannah high. Savannah highs Casey Mitchell Still led all scorers with 24pts. Struggling through the regular season who would think that Johnson(9-20) would up-set Ranked #6 Glynn Academy in the first round , and then turn around and upset Power-house savannah high(6’9 Rashad Armstrong, 6’9 Seth Hallet and 6’4 Casey Mitchell) in the region championship. Memorable Moment! Ball comes off the rim in the land of the Giants and here comes the super sophomore from the right side of the goal yelling and Thumps it over the crowd! Serious Toby finished with 14pts 12reb and teammate Ben led Johnson with 16pts. Johnson has a chance of being a final four contender! Good Luck. Savannah High plays Fayette County 1st round.

Ranked #6 Liberty County High reigns as the Kings of 3AAA basketball 

After being over looked for playing a so called soft schedule the panthers stun Ranked #2 Butler in the region 3-AAA Championship. The game started out as many expected with Butler jumping out to a 12-0 lead behind the strong play of Austin Steed.

The Liberty County Panthers can never be left out of anyone’s equation, when you have Leadership from kids like 6’5 senior point guard Germaine Sparkes who gets it done on the court and in the class room, his protégés 6’0 senior Anthony Miller( Quick) ,6’0 Junior Barry Drummond. You’re talking about three kids who can score and shoot it from any area of the floor. After a time-out by Coach Willie Graham, Liberty County ’s guards out scored Butler 21-8 the rest of the1st quarter. The panthers and bulldogs fought the entire game; until the clock started ticking down to decide who would be the 3AAA champs! With Big man Ivan Walthour, Anthony Miller and sophomore defensive stopper C.J friend on the bench. Butler seemed to fall apart when they realized that Liberty was here to play! Liberty would go on to be the Region 3AAA champs, a well done job under pressure. Austin Steed led all scorers with 24points, Barry Drummond 21pts, Anthony Miller 18pts. Liberty County plays Northeast Macon in the 1st round, last time they met Liberty Won 73-53.


Southeast Georgia All-State Team

By Jessie Fleming

The Southeast Georgia All State Report 2006 is one the best kept secret throughout the state of Georgia . The Recruiting Class of 2006 is a real good one. With Kids like 6’4 225lbs. Brian “Casey” Mitchell , Germaine Sparkes 6’5 185lbs , Ladaris Greene 6’10 210lbs,  Sophomore sensations Toby Veal 6’8 215lbs. and James Fields 6’2 175lbs.

This is the year that Southeast Georgia will reestablish themselves as Final Four contenders. Class 5A will be the site for a lot of exciting basketball. Savannah High, Beach, Bradwell, Camden, Glynn Academy, Brunswick , Jenkins, Windsor Forrest, Groves and Johnson High. Class 4A is always a site with schools like Statesboro High, Wayne County. Class 3A Liberty County High School and Class 1A McIntosh Academy will be forces in the state.


1st Team

Ladaris Greene- JR- 6’10 200lbs. Center/Power Forward (Beach High) Ladaris is  this long, long, long lanky kid whose really just learning how to play , Excellent shot blocker, moves on his feet nice, runs the floor well and good rebounder. This kid still is still growing too. All ready has the potential to be high major prospect don’t sleep! He only wears a 14. Rank # 7

Toby Veal-Soph- 6’8 210lbs. Power Forward/Center (Johnson High) Toby Veal is your real live get with it Big Man. This is the kid with the heart and the game.  Toby is probably the rawest kid standing 6’8 and better in Southeast, Georgia . Toby plays his game above the rim. This kid has the ability to check a 5’11 guard. Very athletic, excellent rebounder, good scorer, great defender the package! HOT Sophomore Ranked # 12

Brian “Casey” Mitchell-SR- 6’4 225lbs. Shooting Guard ( Savannah High) here’s a player whose looks they say are very deceiving, but at the end of the night it’s lights out. This young man can flat out “SHOOT” it! Casey uses his Height and weight to his advantage.  As a Junior Casey averaged 24pts 8 rebs 4 assist 3stls. He received Southeast Georgia ’s 2005 player of the year award, AJC 2nd team all state. He’s probably the best player in the state of Georgia . Ranked # 8

Germaine Sparkes-SR- 6’5 190lbs. Point Guard ( Liberty High) this is the long lanky, nice shoulders, rebounding, Defensive of Stopper. Germaine is the tallest Point Guard in Southeast Georgia . Real mature player has the ability to score when possible. He sees the floor well.  Has good leadership qualities and an excellent student.  G.P.A 3.5 –Ranked # 7

James Fields –Soph- 6’2 175lbs. Point Guard (Beach High) Here’s a kid that just plays the game as if he was graduating. Excellent court awareness, good defender, good ball handler, and can put it in the basket. Better known as ‘BOONE’ has a Grown Man game with excellent leadership qualities at an early age. A Div 1 prospect still has time for growth.  Hot  Sophomore!. Ranked #  7

2nd Team

Rashad Armstrong-SR- 6’9 260lbs. Center/Power forward ( Savannah High)

MarKeith Cummings-JR- 6’5 215lbs. Small Forward (Beach High)

Joe Mincey –SR- 6’4 185lbs. Shooting Guard (Glynn Academy)  

Cameron Padgett-SR- 6’3 175lbs. Shooting Guard (Calvary Baptist)

Anthony Miller-SR- 6’0 155lbs. Shooting Guard/ Point Guard ( Liberty County High )


3rd Team

Ivan Walthour- JR- 6’10 240lbs. Center/Power Forward ( LibertyCounty High )

Cecil Bent- Soph- 6’7 250lbs. Power Forward (Metter High)

Vincent Jones-SR- 6’0 155lbs. Point Guard/ Shooting Guard (Bradwell Institute)

Harrison Hunter-SR- 6’3 175lbs. Shooting Guard (Savannah Country Day)

Daviel Clements-JR- 5’10 175lbs. Point Guard (Wayne County)


Class Of 2006

Gregg Peacock-SR-5’8 165lbs. Point Guard (Glynn Academy )

Jarvis Giles-SR-6’3 200lbs. Shooting Guard (Groves High)

Gregg Thomas-SR- 5’10 175lbs. Shooting Guard (Beach High)

Kyle Calloway-SR- 5’10 175lbs. Shooting Guard (Metter High)

Josh Williams-SR-6’1 185lbs. Shooting Guard (Statesboro High)

Demarcus Dobbs-SR-6’3 210lbs. Shooting Guard (Calvary Baptist)

John McClain-SR- 5’9 205lbs. Shooting Guard ( Savannah High)

Jan Lanier-SR- 6’1 175lbs Shooting Guard/Point Guard (Metter High)

Reggie Benefield-SR-5’8 185lbs. Shooting Guard (Swainsboro)

Deandre Williams –SR- 6’1 175lbs.Shooting Guard (Claxton High)

Demetrius Williams-SR-6’1 185 Shooting Guard (Coffee County )

Quan Hancock-SR- 5’9 175 Point Guard (Coffee County )


Class Of 2007

Seth Hallett- JR- 6’9 230lbs. Center (Savannah High)

Allen Bailey-JR- 6’5 250lbs. Power forward (McIntosh Academy)

Shawn Legree-JR 6’4 220lbs. Shooting Guard (Statesboro High)

Fred Williams-JR- 6’3 190lbs. Shooting Guard (Portal High)

Evan Mobley- JR- 5’11 175lbs. Point Guard (Windsor Forrest)

Laquentin Jones-JR- 6’1 175lbs. Point Guard (Bradwell Institute)

Roy Miller-JR- 6’5 210lbs.Small Forward (Wayne County)

Justin Monroe-JR-6’3 210lbs. Shooting Guard (Bradwell Institute)

Roman Button- JR-6’0 165lbs. Point Guard (McIntosh Academy )

Musa Abdullah-JR- 5’10 140lbs. Point Guard (Beach High)

Neal Davis-JR-5’7 165lbs. Point Guard (Swainsboro High)

Greg Cross –JR- 6’3 185lbs. Shooting Guard (Glynn Academy)

Anthony Womack-JR- 6’5 220lbs. Power Forward (Liberty County High )

Alex Mormon-JR- 6’6 215lbs. Small Forward (Calvary Baptist)

Jamal Turner-JR- 6’4 200lbs. Shooting Guard (Swainsboro)


Class Of 2008

Kiery Clarke-Soph- 6’8 215lbs. Center (Johnson High)

Michael White-Soph -6’7 225lbs. Power Forward /Center (Bradwell Institute)

Scott Mcnichols-Soph -6’7 290lbs.  Power Forward (Glynn Academy )

Patrick Parker-Soph- 6’5 215lbs. Small Forward/Power Forward (Statesboro High)

Rashine Mitchell-Soph- 6’4 215lbs. Small Forward (Jenkins High)

Jeremy Heights-Soph-5’11 175lbs. Point Guard (McIntosh Academy)

Ben Evelyn- Soph –6’4 215lbs. Small Forward (Johnson High)

Michael Smith-Soph- 6’2 185lbs. shooting guard ( Camden County )

Robert Sims-Soph- 5’9 150lbs. Point Guard (Bradwell Institute)

Charles Friend-Soph 5’9 155lbs. Point Guard ( Liberty County High )

Norris Rumph- Soph- 6’0 175lbs. Point Guard ( Savannah High) 

Stanley Black-Soph- 5’9 165lbs. Shooting Guard (Bradwell Institute)

Kevin Williams-Soph- 5’9 155lbs. Point Guard/Shooting Guard (Savannah High)

Lazzarus Baggs-Soph-6’3 180lbs. Small Forward ( Liberty County High )

Tony Scott–Soph – 5’11 175lbs. Shooting Guard ( Windsor Forrest)

Cashmere Wright –Soph- 5’11 155lbs. Point Guard (Urban Christian Academy) Hot Sophomore!

Michael Manning- Soph- 6’5 185lbs. Small Forward ( Liberty County High )

Donrico Wigfall – Soph- 5’6 135lbs. Point Guard (liberty County High )

Brandon Hayes-Soph- 5’11 165lbs. Shooting Guard (Bradwell Institute)

Class Of 2009

Jamarious Sykes-Fresh- 7’2 265lbs. Center

Joshua Shelton- Fresh- 6’5 175lbs. Shooting Guard / Small Forward (Beach High)

Terrell Johnson-Fresh- 6’2 200lbs. shooting Guard (Liberty County High )

Rashawn Mitchell- Fresh-6’4 215lbs. Shooting Guard (Jenkins High)

Byron Thomas-Fresh- 5’9 155lbs. Point Guard ( Liberty County High )

Mario Jackson-Fresh- 6’1 175lbs. Point Guard (Statesboro High) 

Dwan Horton-Fresh- 5’9 150lbs. Point Guard ( Glynn Academy)

Jacquel Smith-Fresh-5’6 145lbs. Point Guard (Beach High)

Andre Holliday-Fresh-5’10 150lbs. Shooting Guard (Liberty County High )

Tony Dixon-Fresh- 6’3 165lbs. Shooting Guard (Statesboro High)

Darren Sheppard-Fresh-6’5 230lbs. Small Forward (Johnson High)

James Mcrae-Fresh- 6’5 230lbs. Power Forward ( Brunswick High)