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Who's Hot?

By Harry Douglas- Recruiting Analyst

August 15, 2007

Georgia players that had a great summer that were impressive with their play and character and the players that the college coaches asked about.  Our rankings are based on performance, leadership and character.  The best performer came from  Sr. 5-8 PG Andre Young of Columbus Blazers that attends Windsor High in Columbus, GA.  Young was the most consistent player this summer.  This 5-8 PG has many D-1 college coaches on his trail..  Young led his Georgia Blazers team in scoring.  He also led his team to three major tournament finals including two major championships.  The most underrated player that has moved up to be one of the Top 5 Point Guards in the state and could be the best is Sr. 6-0 Reggie Middleton.  He played for Team Georgia Elite.  Middleton has committed   to Winthrop and Coach Randy Peele has a steal.  Middleton is a major D-1 player that makes others around  him better.  He can take you off the dribble, step back and knock the  15 to 20 feet jumper.  Middleton is a terrific player that played great this summer.  

New in town, remember these names:  Jr. 6-9 PF Kadeem Butts attends McEachern High School.  Butts displayed this summer that he would be one of Georgia's Top 5 Players in 2009.  Butts has a nice body and uses it well around the basket.  He's a shot blocker, rebounder and runs the floor well.  He played against some big-time talent this summer and held his own.  Jr. 6-9 PF Kenny Hall played for the Georgia Stars and attends Redan High School in Decatur, GA.  Look for Hall to be the next player that college coaches flock to see.  Hall played big time this summer.  He is long with good up-size and he rebounds, blocks shots and runs the floor.  He needs to establish himself more offensively but that will come.  Sr. 6-5 SG Raymond Willis of Westlake High School in Atlanta, GA played at Dr. Philip High School last year.  He played for the Georgia Stars this summer.  Willis is a long, thin player that is athletic and skillful. He can shoot the ball well.  He played great this summer. Young Guns on the Rise: So. 6-5 CG  Trevis Simpson of Coffee County High in Douglas, GA is the real deal.  I will put him at the top of his class 2010.  Simpson is a scoring machine with great size.  He can play the one and two positions and handle the ball.  So. 6-6 Jelan Kendrick played for Hoop Planet.  He attends SW Atlanta Christian in Atlanta, GA.  Kendrick will be a big-time player.  He can play the 1, 2 and 3 positions, has good size body and scores in many different  ways.  Jr. 6-6 SG Joshua Shelton of Urban Christian Academy of Savannah, GA had a phenomenal spring and summer.  He can shoot the light out of the ball, put it floor and go to the basket.  He has good up-size and will be a force to recon with in Class 2009.  Jr. 6-7 SF Nathaniel Drayton of Jenkins High in Savannah, GA has a nice body and uses it well around the basket.  He also has a 39 inch vertical,  he's a rim rocker and a strong physical player who would definitely get better.  So. CF 6-10 Torin Walker of Northside High of Columbus, GA is a big, strong physical player that will be a force in Class 2010.  He rebounds on both ends of the floor and has a decent post game.  He played for the Georgia Blazers this summer.  Jr. 6-7 SF Terrance Shannon of Mary Person High of Forsyth, GA.  Terrance  is a man amongst boys.  He is a strong physical player with  tremendous up-size.  He look very good this spring and summer playing for the Atlanta Celtics.  Jr. 6-4 SG Andre Malone North Clayton High, College Park, GA.  Malone improved his game this spring and summer.  He is more than a shooter: puts the ball on the floor, creates his own shots and he's beginning to move well without the ball.  Most Improved Players: Sr. 6-10 PF Ralph Sampson of Northview High School played for Georgia Stars.  Sampson improved his stock this year.  He went from looking like he would prefer playing the Madden games at home to becoming  4 Star Player.  Sampson in 2007 came out on the scene playing at a high level.  He was phenomenal in Orlando.  Sampson caught a ball off the rim and slammed it down with authority and brought the house down.  Ralph Sampson's stock has risen with several major offers.  Sr. 6-8 PF Elhannon Bone of Washington county played for Augusta Metro. Hidden down in Sandersville, GA,  Bone came out of no where and caught me by surprise.  This young man has nice size.  He's a big, strong and physical player.  He plays hard, rebounds and scores around the basket.  Bone has offers from several mid-major schools.  The Player's Club: Jr. 6-6 SF Josh Thomas from Macon, GA attends National Christian Academy in Maryland.  Thomas is a beast, big, strong physical player that uses his body well.  He rebounds on both ends of the court and is very effective around the basket.  He's a big-time player. Sr.  6-5 WF Delwan Graham of Dunwoody High School played with Atlanta Celtics this summer.  Graham brings his "A" game every time he steps on the floor.  He plays hard and is very effective around the basket and rebounds well.  Graham was the best and most consistent player on the Atlanta Celtic's team.  Graham is a warrior and his  heart is bigger than the state of Georgia.  His stock has risen with several major D-1 offers.   Sr. 6-3 Brian Bryant of Dougherty High in Albany, GA displayed his talent this summer.  Brian is a very athletic player that scores in different ways.  Keep your eyes on him. Stars on the Rise: Sr. 6-2 CG Norris Rumph of Savannah, GA- Savannah High played well this summer.  He's an athletic, quick, flashy guard.  Sr. 6-6 SG Kelvin Murphy of Creekside High- Fairburn, GA played with the Georgia Stars.  Murphy has come into his own.  He is long, athletic and can shoot the ball well. Murphy has tremendously improved  his game and has several mid-major offers.  Sr. 6-6 WF Gideon Gamble of Westlake High- Atlanta, GA.  Gamble played with the Atlanta Celtics.  He is a long, athletic player that was a late bloomer.  I have seen that Gamble has improved each year.  He could be one of the best players in Class of 2008.  He can light it up from anywhere on the floor.  He also rebounds and plays good defense.  Sr. 6-3 Moody Norris of Osborne High in Marietta, GA.  He played for Georgia Stars.  Norris really surprised me with his play this summer. Norris has good size, plays hard and can handle the ball.  He's also a slasher that goes to the basket and plays good defense.  He's a good looking prospect for a low-to- mid-major college. Sr. 5-4 PG Patrick Meyers of T. W. Josey High in Augusta, GA is small but has a big heart.  He's quick, athletic and can handle the rock.  He can also beat  you off the dribble and score.  Meyers is a low-major player because of his size. He had a great summer.  Sr. 5-9 PG Pierre Jordan of Dunwoody High played phenomenal this summer.  He was very consistent and help his team the Atlanta Celtics to a couple of championships with his play. 


Players to Keep Your Eyes On:

Class HT POS Player High School City
JR 6-7 SF Darius McKnight Rockdale County Conyers
SR 6-5 WF Jonathan Nicely Evans High Augusta
SR 6-5 WF Chris Reynolds Glenn Hill Augusta
SR 6-6 WF Terrance Turner Fayette County Fayetteville
SR 6-1 SG Chris Beasley Pebblebrook Marietta
SR 6-1 PG Demarion Gordon South Cobb Austell
JR 6-1 PG Quinton Square Norcross Norcross
JR 6-6 SG Jamil Jones Greenforest Academy Atlanta
JR 6-7 SF Nathaniel Dayton Jenkins Savannah
JR 6-5 WF James Mcrae Brunswick Brunswick
JR 6-6 SG Joshua Shelton Urban Christian Savannah
SR 6-7 SF Demetrius Parks Hancock Central Sparta
FR 6-2 CG Trae Golden McEachern Powder Springs



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