Georgia 2006-07 All-State Dream Team

These are Georgia's finest players that could represent the state of Georgia against any other state.  In hoops this is our eighth team.   The best Georgia Senior Dream Team was in 2004, 1st Team 6-10 Dwight Howard-NBA, 6-8 Josh Smith- NBA, 6-2 Toney Douglas- FSU, 6-9 Randolph Morris- Kentucky and 6-4 Cliff Hammonds- Clemson.  The 2004 team had four Parade All-Americans- Douglas, Howard, Morris and Smith., three McDonald All-Americans and probably the best All- State Dream Team.    Both Toney Douglas and Cliff Hammonds are College All-Americans.   In 2005, Toney Douglas was the Second Leading Scoring Freshman in the Nation, SEC Third Leading Scorer Freshman and College Insider's First Team All-American.


Name HT POS High School-College Comments
J. J. Hickson 6-9 PF Wheeler- NC State A versatile power forward, athletic, strong and uses his body well.
Gani Lawal 6-9 PF Norcross-GA Tech A Cedric Maxwell type of player who cleans the boards and hit mid-range shots.
Chris Allen 6-3 SG Meadowcreek-MSU A scorer- never seen a shot he did not like.  He's also a slasher and gamer.
Senario Hillman 6-2 CG Wilkinson Co.-Alabama He can play wing or point; athletic, quick and plays tough defense; very explosive.
Jeremy Price 6-9 CF Columbia-Georgia A big, strong, physical player.  He rebounds and is a good post player.
Martavious Adams 6-9 PF Wilkinson Co.- Oklahoma State A strong forward, aggressive both offensively and defensively.
Tony Neysmith 6-5 CG Norcross- Oklahoma 6-5 guard with good shooting range; plus ability to attack the basket.
Zachery Graham 6-5 WF Peachtree Ridge- Mississippi A wing forward who is very athletic and versatile.  He can knock down the jumper.
Chris Barnes 6-9 PF Riverdale- Georgia A big, strong physical player with a lot of potential- big body.
Terrell Bell 6-6 WF Stone Mountain- VA Tech An explosive player and athletic.


Other Nominees: Lance Storrs, Jordon DeMercy, Zack Swanson, Trevor Gaskins


Georgia 2005-06 All-State Dream Team

These are Georgia's finest players

Name HT POS High School Comments
Jodie Meeks 6-3 CG Norcross A big-time player with good size.
Cameron Tatum 6-5 WF Tucker Very Athletic and long- UNCC
Jordan Hill 6-9 PF North Spring A big, strong, solid player- Arizona
Jarvis Crittenton 6-4 SG SW Atlanta Christian A flashy player who is athletic and quick. Georgia Tech
Jonathan Mandelove 7-0 C Hargrave Military A tall long player- UConn
London Milbourne 6-6 WF St. Francis An athletic wing who is strong and solid- Maryland
Anjuan Wilderness 6-5 WF Dunwoody An athletic physical player
Avery Jukes 6-7 PF South Gwinnett A big, strong rebounder and player- Alabama

Youth Prep stars Recruiting Magazine staff travels to see the finest basketball players in different states.  We selected the 15 players to our Dream Team in Georgia.

Jujuan Jones 6-5 WF Douglas County A thin athletic player
Solomon Tat 6-4 SG Community Christian A strong physical player
Carlos Marias 6-2 SG Community Christian A finesse, solid player- Kansas State
Jonathan Tiller 6-3 CG Wheeler Very athletic and quick
Jerome Burney 6-9 PF Westlake A long, tall player
Andy Ogide 6-7 SF Paulding County A solid player, a sleeper
Casey Mitchell 6-4 SG Savannah A shooter with good size

The Dream Team Line Up

Center- Jonathan Mandelove

Power Forward- Jordan Hill

Small Forward- Cameron Tatum

Shooting Guard- Jodie Meeks

Point Guard- Jarvis Crittenton